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Why Embroidery?

19th February 2018

Embroidery is a great way to make sure a design stays on an item of clothing for a long time, it is durable and if done properly it should last the lifetime of the garment. It looks that little bit more luxurious than printing and combined with a logo it is a great way to create a brand or team. The design will last through garment wear and tear and washing at high temperatures without fading.

Embroidery can be a great way to customise your workwear. It can just add that extra professional touch when it comes to staff uniform. Although a printed t-shirt can be great for some staff roles, an embroidered item of clothing just looks that little but more professional. From polo shirts to nurse’s uniforms to shirts, a bit of embroidery can tell people your company name and any other details you may wish to convey.

You could embroider your sportswear, or clothing for a sports team when they are off duty. If you have a football team all playing in their kit, and when they come off the pitch you have provided matching polo shirts with the team name it reinforces that team spirit. You could go a step further and personalise the clothing with the name of the player. It’s a reminder that they are part of a team whether on or off the pitch.

The other benefits of embroidery are that the garments that you can personalise are vast, as well as usual items of clothing like t-shirts, trousers and shirts, we can also embroider caps, waterproof coats, jumpers and bags. You can have a logo or design that is stitched onto every item of clothing you are wearing! It can be used on varying materials unlike printing which can be limited to specific fabrics.

There are lots of thread colours to choose from so your design can be as colourful or as modest as you like.