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How branded workwear can help to build a team

7th February 2018

Professional branded clothing has so many advantages but today I want to talk about the team building aspect of clothing. Having your workforce wearing the same clothing not only helps set them apart for the benefit of customers and the general public, it also helps bond them together as a team. Think of a football team all wearing the same uniform, that unity and team mentality helps to inforce the idea that they are all working together.

Providing these uniforms for your employees takes away any concern they may feel at not having clothes as expensive as other people at the workplace, they don’t have to feel pressurised to have the latest or newest clothing as it is all provided for them by the company. This in turn creates pride and loyalty to your brand which increases morale and determination. This also means that they are not having to use their own clothing at their own cost, they are being provided for by your company. To be given workwear ensures them that you have invested in them and that you value them as a member of staff which adds to the feeling of team spirit.

A workforce with a higher team spirit will always be more productive with increased innovation and ideas. To have customised workwear unites together all departments of your workforce which helps to break down boundaries between different teams and levels of the company.

Another benefit of staff feeling like a team is that now days many personal social media profiles include where a person works, if you have managed to create pride in your company and your brand your staff will also be more inclined to share any online marketing such as images and video feeds.

If your business requires staff to work outside of your premises the fact that they are wearing a uniform means that they are aware that they represent your company when they are out in the public eye. They are given responsibility by wearing the clothing that shows their company name so they will behave more professionally then they would if they were in their own clothing.